Poster sessions

Location: downstairs rooms Jungfrau I & II in the Sunstar Hotel

  • Tuesday, June 7, from 20:00, with dessert and drinks
  • Wednesday, June 8, 18:30 to 20:00
  • Thursday, June 9, from 20:00, with drinks
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Poster Nr.
First NameLast NameTitle
Attosecond science
2BalazsMajorCompact, intense extreme-ultraviolet sources for absorption spectroscopy
3SergejNebElement, Site, and Carrier Specific Sub-Cycle Phonon Dynamics Induced by Ultrafast Electron-Phonon Relaxations in Ti3C2Tx
4ArthurNiedermayrAttosecond electron dynamics in optically excited metals
5Marie LouiseSchubertUnderstanding jets of uniform helium droplets along their path of propagation
6BruceWeaverControl of isolated attosecond pulse generation multi-colour synthesized laser fields
Femtobiology and biophotonics
7YingliangLiuExcited-State Mixing in Light-Oxygen-Voltage-Sensing Domain. Proteins Studied by Transient Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
8JanHelbingUV Transient Circular Dichroism of Biomolecules – From Photoexcitation to Unfolding
9MichalKepaA multi-reservoir high viscosity extruder for serial protein crystallography at X-ray free electron lasers
11AbdullahKahramanProbing the Ultrafast Charge Carrier Dynamics in Mn-doped ZnO Nanoparticles
12KerstinOppeltDifferences and Similarities in the Photoreactions of ReP∩N and ReN∩N tricarbonyl complexes with CO2
13ChristianWeigeltUltrafast wettability alteration: The decisive moments of adsorption on supported particles
Other topics
14JakobAndreassonThe Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI ERIC): First Joint User Call
15TreyDiulusNovel Catalyst Heterostructure With An Intercalated Cu2-xO Thin Film Confined Underneath Hexagonal Boron Nitride On Top Cu(111)
16JakubDrs50-fs Yb:YAG Thin-disk Laser Oscillator Delivering 100 W of Average Power and 100 MW of Peak Power
17JulianFischerµW-Class, MHz-Repetition-Rate XUV Source Based on Intra-Oscillator High Harmonic Generation
18SugataGoswamiInvestigations of Small Molecular Reactions Relevant to Atmospheric Chemistry
19JoachimSchulzSample Delivery Methods for High Repetition Rate, Femtosecond X ray Experiments
20GaborSzaboThe Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC and the ELI ERIC Facilities: ELI Attoscience and ELI Beamlines
21ChristianGrebingSub-Two-Cycle Carrier-Envelope-Phase‒Stabilized 110W, 1.1mJ Laser
22SvetlanaTsizinElectron scattering in molecular water clusters
23Haydar TaylanTuranSolvent Effects on the Menshutkin Reaction
24MatthiasVoglerStructural Dynamics of Tripeptides in Solution
25PingZhouTunable Lifetimes of Intramolecular Charge-Separated states: Symmetric and Asymmetric Donor-Acceptor Triads
Theory of ultrafast processes
26GrazianoAmatiAccurate description of nonadiabatic quantum dynamics at long times
27VirginiaCarnevaliMultiscale simulation of crystallographic defects in metal-halide perovskites
29JohanRunesonQuantum dynamics on a nutshell: simulating ultrafast processes with classical trajectories
30MaryamSalehiSite-selective Dynamics of Ligand-free and Ligand-bound Azidolysozyme
31Juan CarlosSan Vicente VelizSmall molecule reaction: Thermal and Vibrational Relaxation
32GeorgeTreninsInstanton Rates beyond Golden Rule: An Interplay of Nonadiabatic Effects and Tunnelling
Ultrafast spectroscopy and imaging from Terahertz to X-ray
33LaurenDavisDisentangling 2D THz Measurements with Models Derived from First-Principles
34JonasHeitlandOrganic aerosols in intense UV and IR pulses: Signatures of nanoplasma formation
35VladimirOvukaPhonon Dynamics in Multiferroic Germanium Telluride with Varying Levels of Manganese Doping
36ClaireRaderHigh-Field Terahertz Generation from a New Organic Crystal: PNPA
37JulienRehaultA new single shot THz detection strategy with electro-optic sampling
38JeanetteRufNeedles in a haystack: H-bonding in an optogenetic protein observed with isotope labeling and 2D-IR spectroscopy
39SaurabhShukla2D-Raman-THz spectroscopy with single-shot THz detection
40DavideSoranzioTemperature- and field-dependent nonlinear 2D THz response in Hg1-xCdxTe
41TimSuterProbing pressure-driven phase transitions using THz time domain spectroscopy
42HanchaoTangTime-dependent photoemission from droplets
43LukasTomanikProbing Molecular Structure of Liquids with Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Computations for Glucose Molecule
44RafaelWinklerFormation of phase inverted domains in the charge density material blue bronze
Ultrafast spectroscopy and imaging in Molecular dynamics
45CamilaBacellarAlvra Endstation at SwissFEL – Current Capabilities and Future Directions
46MichalBelinaProton transfer rates in hydrogen bonded systems following single and double ionization
47EricBoittierDynamics with short-range charge-flow in non-nuclear-centred charges models
48WutharathChinTowards a high-resolution 2D-IR spectrometer
49RituparnaDasStrong-field ionization of CH3Cl: controlling the dissociation pathways of CH3Cl2+
50OmerHaggagUltrafast spectroscopy of oriented single crystals of [2.2]Paracyclophane: Time resolved springing of a molecular “trap”
51PhilippHeckmeierInvestigating the Protein Dynamics within the MCL-1/BIM Complex Via Transient Infrared Spectroscopy
52JonasKnurrTowards time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy in the liquid phase at the Maloja endstation
53ArupKunduProbing SF-Induced TT Pair Generation in Enantiomeric Chiral Diketopyrrolopyrrole Aggregates
54XinyueLiUltrafast Phase Transition in a Thermosalient Organic Molecular Crystal: What is the microscopic dynamics?
55BogdanMarekhaUltrafast photophysics of Fe(II)-based photosensitizers with HOMO-inversion
56BenoîtRichardExtracting information from multi-coincidence data generated through x-ray induced Coulomb explosion
59UweThummCharacterization of light-induced potentials in the strong-field dissociation of O2+
60KaiTöpferStructural Motifs and Dynamics of a Deep Eutectic Mixture
61JackWoolleyWarwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy
62ElnazZyaeeBroadband integrated THz platform for time-resolved spectroscopy
Ultrafast spectroscopy and imaging in Solid State and Surface Physics
63DanyloBabichLight control on Electric Mott Transition dynamics in GaTa4Se8 : Towards artificial electro-optic neuron
64Hui-YuanChenUltrafast Carrier Injection Dynamics in Perovskite Wide-Bandgap Oxides
65AlessandroColomboThe morphology of heterogeneous rare-gas clusters
66SabinaGurungUltrafast charge-density wave dynamics in K0.3MoO3 at high energy density in homogeneous excitation regime
67BenJohnPhase-Resolved, Wide-Field Sum-Frequency Generation Microscopy
68TuhinKhanPhase-Resolved, Widefield Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy
69HenrikLemkeBernina at SwissFEL: Insights into condensed matter beyond equilibrium
70AbhishekNagInvestigation of sublattice magnetization dynamics in multiferroic CoCr2O4 using time-resolved MOKE
71ZsuzsannaPapaUltrafast Probing of Plasmonic Hot-electron Occupancies
72JanPostulkaFemto to Microsecond Timescale Simulations of Hydrogen Peroxide Electron-induced reactions on the Surface of Molecular Nanoclusters
73PhoebeTengdinFemtosecond control of a rotating magnetic skyrmion crystal
74Chia-JungYangProbing crystal electric field states in a dense Kondo-lattice antiferromagnet using THz time-domain spectroscopy